How to Master ‘The Drip’ Effect

So, after becoming the latest craze in the cake world last year, it looks like the drip is here to stay – but unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks. Here is one of my recent cakes: a vanilla sponge with strawberry flavoured buttercream and white chocolate drips.


If you’ve attempted to do these ‘drips’ before, you’ve probably googled ‘white chocolate ganache recipes’; the quirky combination of melted chocolate and cream. However, for many people, this type of ganache isn’t easily workable and can result in quite hefty (witch-finger looking) drips. CHEAT ALERT– Personally, I have found that a combination of melted chocolate and vegetable oil is much easier to work with when perfecting a chocolate drip cake.

So, for perfect chocolate drips, all you will need is:

  • 175g of white chocolate
  • 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil

Keep mixing together until you get a runny, but thick-ish liquid. Then add to your piping bag (cutting a whole in the top of the thickness you want your drips) then simply perform a squeeze-and-move motion around the edges of your cake. VOILA, perfect every time.



The Top 5 Things To Do In Amsterdam


Putting aside the stigmatic aspects, Amsterdam is one truly beautiful place. It is by far my most favourite city break to date. Whether you want a crazy weekend, or a cultural experience, Amsterdam caters for all your needs. If you haven’t already been, then you should definitely start planning to… especially considering it won’t break the bank. If you’re looking to do things on the cheap side, I definitely recommend ‘The Rembrandtplein Hotel‘. Although the hotel room is very basic, it’s situated right in the centre of everything; only a 10 minute walk to Dam Square and 8 minutes to The Red Light District.

To make your planning that little bit easier, I have gathered together my top 5 favourite things to do whilst in Amsterdam:

1. Anne Frank’s House 


You don’t have to be a history lover to get something out of this ‘attraction’ (I feel somewhat uneasy calling it that). However, my tip would be to book in advance, so you’re not queuing up for 2 hours outside in the rain like we did. Though the outside of the building has succumbed to a touristy look, the inside has been kept pretty authentic and even includes the original bookcase.

2. Red Light District


Weird and wonderful is probably the best way to describe The Red Light District. It’s totally mesmerising; the cultural feel and exciting atmosphere will keep you coming back and back again – but let’s hope that’s all that keeps you coming back. There are plenty of bars in the surrounding areas and even theatres for live sex shows (ending up in one after a couple of drinks is almost guaranteed as we found out). Let’s just say, they’re unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before.

3. Body Worlds

11834695_10207526985761504_7266873606263761266_o  IMG_1481.jpg

Although The Body Worlds Museum is not one of the more popular attractions in Amsterdam, these preserved human bodies are definitely worth a visit during your stay. The entrance fee is relatively cheap, especially if you buy as a combination with another trip. However, you probably won’t need more than an hour to see everything.

4. ICEBAR, Amsterdam


If you didn’t go to Amsterdam’s Ice Bar, did you even go to Amsterdam? It’s located right in the city centre and costs around 20 euros- a definite must for one evening!

5. Canal Cruise


Amsterdam Centre was built around these beautiful canals, so what better way is there to see the City than by boat? You can either take a one-hour day tour or go on one of the evening Dinner Cruises, where you get to see Amsterdam lit up at night.